Peloton Customer Support Follow-Up

A couple of weeks ago, I published the first post in this thread about some problems I was having with the Peloton Bike in the house.

Customer Support Reaches Out

I'm pleased to say that rather immediately, the Peloton Twitter Account followed up with me. They responded to my concerns via Twitter Direct Message. Though I encouraged them to follow up in the Comments Section of the previous post, they haven't done so. Instead of letting my concerns go unanswered publicly, I'm going to publish here what they had to say about my concerns.


  1. Peloton does not store passwords in cleartext; they are fully encrypted.
  2. Usernames are not case sensitive.
  3. Passwords ARE case sensitive.
  4. Their developers got a laugh out of my xkcd reference. :)

Unfortunately, we're not done

I can't figure out why, but I still can't login to the Peloton website using non-Incognito-mode Chrome on my Mac. I've figured out that their site works fine for me in Incognito Mode. I've removed cookies, cleared cache, cleared browser-local storage...And I still can't login using Chrome. Works fine in Safari, though.