A Continuous Delivery Implementation for SalesForce

Today, I come to you with a co-author. Since February, I've been working with Mark Thias on a Continuous Delivery (CD) consulting engagement.

Puppet: Set the User's SSH Key

This is the third in a series of posts I'm making detailing my setting up a Puppet master/slave pair of servers on Linode. If you haven't seen them yet, go check out my first and second posts about my Puppet servers.

Puppet: Set the User's Password

A few months ago, I published a post about using Puppet to manage infrastructure. As my company grows, I'm finding it more important to ensure that all of my servers are managed in a sane manner. To me, this includes ensuring that if one of my servers ever goes down, or the data center it's in gets smashed by a meteor, I could theoretically be back up and running just by migrating to another data center.

Peloton Customer Support Follow-Up

A couple of weeks ago, I published the first post in this thread about some problems I was having with the Peloton Bike in the house.

Peloton Customer Support

My roommates have a Peloton Bike in the house. It's a neat thing -- it's a stationary bike with a built-in computer (think large tablet) that basically streams live or pre-recorded Spin classes to your house. It's a great way for cyclists to stay in shape during the long winters, especially in Chicagoland, where I live. It is not, however, without its problems.